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¡¤Welcome to the Windows Vision Library(WVL) website. This site will help you get started using WVL and provide you the links to document, downloads.
¡¤This project has not been accomplished.
¡¤Click here to see the Windows Vision Library Programmer's Guide (portion)

What is the Windows Vision Library(WVL)?
    WVL is a C++ framework providing the GUI, it gives you a simple way for writing GUI applications. WVL is written in Standard C++, and it is designed to be portable over multiplatforms, so you can easily compile and distribute your applications on different Compiler/OS platforms. It is available as open-source software for free. Be sure to read the license before using.

Design Rules

    To make the library useful and pleasant to work with, the design follows some rules.

Installation Documentation
    Before using, you have to install the library and configurate it. See the Installation Library Documentation.

Compiler Environment
    GCC 3.3.1 with X11
    Visual C++.NET 2003
    Visual C++.NET 2005 Express Beta1 With Microsoft Platform SDK

Current Version£º0.12.3.28, 2005-07-27
Contact me

    I am very glad to get in touch with you if you want to give advice about improving WVL. My E-mail and MSN Messenger: cnjinhao_at_hotmail.com. If you get any quetions, please you can discuss here.

How to create a simple WVL program

#include <wvl/wvl.h>

class wvl_test: public wvl::form
         :wvl::form(0, "wvl_test", wvl::point(50, 50), wvl::size(238, 132))
        //Create a text box
        text_.create(*this, "This is a text_box", wvl::point(42, 37), wvl::size(150, 23));

//Create a button
        button_.create(*this, "OK", wvl::point(62, 86), wvl::size(100, 23));

//Make the button to answer the click event through wvl_test::on_click
        button_.make_event<wvl::event::mouse_click>(wvl::bind_mem_fun(this, &wvl_test::on_click));
//Show the window
    void on_click()
//Close the start up window, and exit the appliction
    wvl::text   text_;
    wvl::button button_;       

//The entrance of the Windows Vision Library application
int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTNACE , HINSTANCE, char*, int)
     //set the wvl_test as a start window, and start an instance of the WVL
     wvl::executer<wvl_test> runner; 
     return 0;
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Screenshot 1: Application running on WVL under MS Windows

Screenshot 2:
Application running on WVL based on X11 under Linux

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Download The WVL for Win32 SDK